Child of the Month
By Nicole Sergent
October 2017 Mariana Belen
September 2017 Rodolfo
August 2017 Fatima del Carmen B.D.
July 2017 Karen R. S.
June 2017 Maria
April 2017 Jennifer C.
March 2017 Angela Izel, L.F.
February 2017 Milagros Paulina V.V.
January 2017 Rosario Gpe R.H.
December 2016 Carla Estefania C.S.
October 2016 Xochitl Natalie, G.M.
May 2016 Oscar Roman
March 2016 Santiago (Santi) C.T.
February 2016 Jesus, S.G.
January 2016 Maria de Lourdes (Loulou) H.P.
December 2015 Maria Margarita M.G.
November 2015 Alondra
October 2015 Kimberly Anahi B. P.
September 2015 Christopher R. V.
June 2015 Oscar Roman

May 2015

Mario de Jesús M. O.

April 2015

Ismael Uriel

March 2015

Brayan Alejandro A.R.

February 2015 


January 2015

Juan De Dios – “Juanito” At Home….

December 2014


November 2014

Vanesa V. R.

October 2014

Yaneth Esperanza

September 2014

Juan Paul M.

August 2014


June 2014

Pablo Rafael

May 2014

Mario Alberto V.G.

April 2014

Gerardo M. E.

March 2014

Luis Enrique L. O.

February 2014

Edgar Osiel

December 2013

Ambar Yissel

November 2013

Tadeo de Jesús B. A.

October 2013

Maria Jose

September 2013

José Uriel García Torres

August 2013

Meet Joaquin

June 2013

Juan Raúl García Jasso

May 2013

José Adrián Chavarría Reyes

April 2013

Alexa Cárdenas Reyes

March 2013

Jesús Santiago Silahua Carranza

February 2013

Santiago Cervantes Tinoco

January 2013

Dana Michelle Zambón Barajas

December 2012

María del Carmen Pérez Covarrubias

November 2012

Melania Díaz López

September 2012

Kayra and Izel

August 2012

Maria Estefania and Jose Roberto

July 2012


June 2012

José de Jesús Cortez Sánchez

May 2012

Tadeo de Jesús Barajas Aceves

April 2012

Juan Diego Pérez Aceves

March 2012

Landscapes - A Spiritual Journey

February 2012

Daniel Eloy Juárez Gutiérrez

January 2012

María Isabel Tolentino Peralta

December 2011

Mario Alberto Valencia Guzmán

November 2011

Samir A. Rojas Hernández

October 2011

Julio César Blas Ramos

September 2011

Rogelio Lara Huerta

August 2011

Diego Antonio Jimenez Barragan

July 2011

Angel Majia Chavez

June 2011

María Fernanda Aimar Obregón

May 2011

Ulises Saúl Guerrero Velázquez

April 2011

José de Jesús Beltrán Velazco

March 2011

Juan Antonio Galaviz Vaca

February 2011

Osvaldo Padilla Contreras

January 2011

Dana Michelle Sambón Barajas

December 2010

Alan José Bravo Alvizo

November 2010

Albino Trinidad Gaytán Alejandre

October 2010

José Guadalupe Macías Yáñez

September 2010

Ulises Saúl Guerrero Velázquez

August 2010

Irma Janet Rivera Puga

July 2010

Alfredo Ceja Reyes

June 2010

Abraham de Jesús Gamboa Quiñónez

May 2010

Mayra Lizeth Márquez López

April 2010

Eber Emmanuel Vilchis López

March 2010

Xochitl Natalí García Márquez

February 2010

Evelyn Dayán Pérez Alvarez

January 2010

Rosario Guadalupe Rodríguez Huizar

December 2009

Nicolás Castro Pacheco

November 2009

Joselyn I. Morales Becerra

October 2009

Arturo Palacios Campo

September 2009

Albino Trinidad Gaytán Alejandre

June 2009

Abraham Emiliano Ramírez Rivera

May 2009

Abraham de Jesús Gamboa

April 2009

Ricardo García Estrada

March 2009

Sandra Elizabeth DeAnda Márquez

January 2009

Jesús Joel Romero Nuño
Luis Antonio Romero Nuño

December 2008

Teresa Davalos Perez

November 2008

Fernando Gabriel Jiménez Damián

October 2008

Carlos Cresencio Delgado Salas

August 2008

Marshall Matheny

July 2008

Irma Janet Rivera Puga

May 2008

Juan de Dios García Real

April 2008

Osvaldo Padilla Contreras

March 2008

Edgar Raúl Martínez Rodríguez

February 2008

Mario de Jesús Montes Oliveros

January 2008

Elizabeth Margarita García Martínez

December 2007

Lizbeth Paola Íñiguez Serrano

November 2007

Arturo Palacios Campo

October 2007

Felipe de Jesús García García

June 2007

Angélica Gallardo Ayala

March 2007

Sandra Elizabeth DeAnda Márquez

February 2007

Marcos Daniel Castellanos Centeno

January 2007

Karina Reynoso Moya

December 2006

Norma Aguilar Flores

October 2006

Jesús Antonio Murgía Mejía

September 2006

Alfredo Ceja Reyes

July 2006

Ana Paola Vega Hernández

June 2006

Rubén Barrios Mejía

May 2006

Minerva Guadalupe Becerra Enciso

April 2006

Jesús Salvador Alvarez Morando

March 2006

Juan Pablo Perez Flores

February 2006

María del Rosario Moreno Robledo

January 2006

Lizbeth Sanabria Ornelas

December 2005

Juan de Dios García Real

November 2005

Joaquín Guzmán Calixto

October 2005

Juan Carlos Pérez Castellanos

September 2005

José Sánchez Zambrano

August 2005

Daniela Monserrat Cárdenas Pedroza

July 2005

Marco Antonio Ibarra Camarena

June 2005

Rubén Barrios Mejía

May 2005

Ana Leticia Solorio Torrez

April 2005

Javier Mendoza Celiz

February 2005

Lourdes Isaura García Calata

January 2005

Nestor Gonzalo Mendoza

December 2004

César Camarena

November 2004

Jesus Vazquez García

October 2004

This Month’s Column is devoted to the memory of Judy Beaumont

September 2004

Angel Efren Sanabria de los Santos

August 2004

Geraldo Mendoza Enciso 

July 2004

Antonio Avila Reyes

June 2004

Ismael Uriel Monreal Vergara

May 2004

Diana Márquez Ramos

April 2004

Blanca Maria Ledezma

March 2004

Luis Francisco Cortéz Jacobo

February 2004

Jaime Lopez Vega

January 2004

Favian Romero

December 2003

Federico Huerta Bermejo

November 2003

Carlos Cresencio Delgado Salas  

October 2003

Jesus Heriberto Hernandez Romero

September 2003

Ma. Isabel Flores Pastor

August 2003

Cecilia Ramírez

July 2003

Juan Pablo Real

June 2003

Juanito Lopez

May 2003

Jose Castro Miranda

April 2003

Maria de Lourdes Aceves Romero

March 2003

Lizbeth Paola Serrano

February 2003

Faviola Siordia Gonzalez

January 2003

Griselda Ramos

December 2002

Child of the Month

November 2002

Child of the Month 

October 2002

Child of the Month 

September 2002

Lourdes Isaura Garcia Calata

August 2002

Child of the Month

July 2002

Child of the Month

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