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Novels by Our Editor / The Darkside of a Dream

Historical fiction, the story of two brothers and their families who migrate from Mexico to the United States shortly after the outbreak of World War II. The novel depicts their struggles and frustrations as they come to grips with a new, often hostile environment. Later, the family will figure prominently in two significant moments in Mexican-American history. The first was the disaster that involved a Hispanic rifle company that lost its colors and most of its men at the infamous Battle of the Rapido River in Italy during the Second World War. The last part of the novel focuses on a farmworker strike that occurred in South Texas just after the Korean War. The movement failed, but within that defeat were the seeds of the victories that came a decade later in California.

"The author is a solid storyteller who here has created a stirring tale that sheds new light on a recent yet shadowed aspect of American history." --PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

"With a strong narrative and lean prose, the novel is a profoundly moving epic about immigrants from Mexico who came to Texas shortly after America entered the Second World War." --TEXAS REVIEW OF BOOKS

"Brilliantly conceived and masterfully narrated... The author, an Irish-Mexican, is a gifted bi-culturalist with a great story to tell and he writes it remarkably well." --TRAVELMEX "An epic tale...a vivid portrait of the many facets of immigrant culture, one family's tragic and triumphant odyssey in a new land." -BOOKLIST "

...Satisfies, yet angers. A novel with a soul." --COPLEY NEWS SERVICE

(Hardback, $22.95)
The Dark Side  of the Dream