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Novels by Our Editor / Breaking Even

In this coming-of-age novel set in the 50s, 18 year- old Val leaves a tiny West Texas town to search for the father he thought had died a hero's death years many earlier. This quest gives Val a convenient excuse for getting out, as he is being forced into a loveless marriage and meaningless existence in a town where his life has been made more difficult because his mother is Mexican. The young man's search draws him into a mysterious world: violent and unpredictable, yet also glamorous and seductive. It is his Angle father's world of high- stakes professional gambling. With their confrontation taking place in Reno, Nevada, Val finally realizes that all that glitters in his father's lifestyle is more grit than gold, and that true style comes only with the acceptance of personal responsibility. Yet Val's father leaves him with a new-found pride in his Mexican heritage, as well as the courage to follow his dream.

"The novel evokes the spirit of the Southwest and the tension of its mixed cultures in a lighthearted way." -BOOKLIST

"Particularly impressive is Grattan's ability to evoke worlds...If there is a Proust of the Texas-Mexico border, it is Alejandro Grattan." -THE GUADALAJARA REPORTER

"...The author has raised his novel from mere story telling to genuine literary achievement...A coming-of-age novel which by its universality of theme and clarity of vision brings the book into the ranks of the best of this genre." -TRAVELMEX

"...Filled with colorful characters, richly flavored dialogue and a great deal of off-beat humor...Action is so graphically written that though this is a fine novel, one can easily imagine an even better movie." -UNIVERSAL NEWS SERVICE

(Quality Softback, $11.95) (Both novels may be obtained through most bookstores in the U.S., or by calling the publisher direct at Toll Free 1-800-633-ARTE.)
Breaking Even