There are four major banks in the town of Chapala, and one has two branches in Ajijic. Most banks in Mexico are foreign owned, so banking can be very familiar to you, sending or receiving money from the US or Canada is a daily task for banks and over the years it has become surprisingly easy. All the banks at Lakeside have some English-speaking personnel. There are also a couple of large brokerage and mutual fund companies in the lakeside area, catering mostly to North Americans.

Many ATM’s are found through out the whole strip, all the way from Jocotepec to Chapala, some are placed inside convenience stores, some at malls, others at supermarkets. Getting cash from the same debit card you use at home is very common. Many businesses including the best restaurants, stores and boutiques accept mayor credit cards.

As for churches, Mexico is (of course) heavily Catholic, and our area has more than its share of impressive cathedrals. There are, however, several other churches which cater to various Protestant creeds. Many of these same churches provide valuable charitable services to the Mexican community. Please visit for a lakeside list of churches. If your church is not listed, not to worry, Guadalajara only 45 minutes away is a big cosmopolitan city where you can find just about any kind of church.

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